tl;dr AirCare doesn’t only care about the air, we care about the community. Each month, we do humanitarian actions around the country, from feeding the homeless, to renovating homes of the poor. The funds for this come from our AirCare Ambassador subscription program, where for $5.99 a month, you help us and help us help the community. Open the AirCare app, select Macedonia as a country, and subscribe!

AirCare Ambassadors - Helping feed and house those in need!

COVID-19 hit everyone hard. People lost their jobs, their savings, their living. But the most hard hit ones were the already poor and marginalised communities, whose few support options were cut short by the pandemic. This is where the AirCare Ambassadors come into play!

Back in the summer of 2020, we started a program for those in need, delivering food packages to the homeless, finding work for those who lost their jobs, and renovating homes of the poor. We already inform and educate people about air pollution, but because we want to give back more to the community, we started the Ambassador Program.

For just a $5.99 monthly donation, anyone can help us, and in turn help the community. We use 50% of those funds to push the air pollution effort forward, and 50% go towards the monthly humanitarian actions. Each subscriber gets access to cool features, like:

  • Being part of the exclusive AirCare Ambassador Facebook group
  • Deciding which organisation/action we should support every month
  • Have your name featured on our credits page
  • Get the AirCare PRO version for free (includes notifications, no ads, and a dark theme)
  • Always get digital access to the latest copy of Lice v Lice (in Macedonian), a street magazine sold by marginalised groups, which we support financially every month as well.
  • Meetups and workshops (once the pandemic is done)

So far, we’ve distributed over 1000 meals to the homeless, 100 food and sanitary packages and helped in the renovation of 2 homes. We even found at least 1 person a stable job so they can provide for their family!

AirCare Ambassadors in action around Macedonia
AirCare Ambassadors in action around Macedonia

How to join the Ambassador Program?

Want to help the local Macedonian community, and help us (a small team of 3) continue our fight for clean air? Join the other 100 amazing AirCare Ambassadors, with just 3 simple steps:

  1. Download the AirCare app, if you haven’t already. It’s free for both Android and iOS!
  2. Make sure that Macedonia is the selected country in the app’s side menu (at least while you subscribe)
  3. Click the big blue button at the bottom that says ‘Become an AirCare Ambassador

The magic button to become an AirCare Ambassador
The magic button to become an AirCare Ambassador

Once subscribed, you will automatically get access to all the features above with your personal ambassador code, and make a real difference in our community! And, of course, you can always cancel you subscription via the Google/Apple store’s subscription page, if you change your mind.