A winning week

This was a huge week for AirCare, as we were given the award of European Young Innovator 2020! The award ceremony was held by the UN founded World Summit Awards, so it is a huge honor to be recognized by such a big organization for a project run by basically 3 people!

From over 200 applicants and 16 finalists, AirCare was selected based on our mission, reach and enthusiasm. And trust us, there were some amazing ideas among the finalists, which you can check out here.

When we set off to create AirCare 6 years ago, we never predicted it would have 500k+ downloads, data from 40+ countries and serving millions of views every month. So this was a very pleasant recognition, that not only confirms that we are on the right path to inform every citizen about air quality, but boosts our moral to keep the fight for clean air!

Want to support our small team of 3 people?

Unlike other apps and services, AirCare is run by just 3 young eco activists from Macedonia. We’ve been working on the project for over 6 years, and quit our jobs to focus full time on our mission. If you like our work, our goals and AirCare, consider supporting us in one of 2 ways:

  • If you are from Macedonia, become an AirCare Ambassador
  • If you are outside Macedonia, subscribe to the AirCare PRO version

You can do both from the home screen of the app, and with your small monthly subscription, you help us keep the app alive, pay the bills, and continue down the road to a greener and cleaner future!