Seems that the majority of us this summer won’t get to see a beach. With the COVID-19 world pandemic still on active in many countries, most people are choosing to spend their relaxation time in their yards, balconies or on a mountain top.

And as we follow social distancing measures, we sometimes forget that during summer, there is an ever-looming risk: sunburn. The sun now shines at a higher angle in the northern hemisphere, but we seem to ignore it if we are not on a beach.

How can I get sunburned in my own home city?

85% of people don’t use sunscreen protection in home cities

The matter of the fact is that you can! The sun does not wait for you to get in your swim-ware in order to start burning your skin. If you are out during the high hours of the day, you are already exposed to high amounts of UV radiation, and need to be aware of that fact. This is where AirCare comes in!

Now available in 3 countries (Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia), and more coming soon this week, AirCare can tell you the UV index every hour of the day! By being aware, you can know if you need to take shelter or use a higher SPF factor sunscreen:

A screenshot of AirCare with the summer mode active

How to activate it?

  • If you have the app already, just click on the “Summer” button in the bottom left of your main screen.
  • If you don’t have AirCare, download the app today and make sure that you are aware of the pollution, pollen and UV levels in the air around you!

📲 Android:
📲 iOS: