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Simple, streamlined and very useful app with live updates from a selected air monitoring station. Exactly what I need to stay safe during wildfire season.

Joseph Harrington

Star. Star. Star. Star. Star.

This is a very helpful APP for those of us in California. It is great to be able to check what wildfires are doing to our air quality at any given moment - especially since my husband and I are both in an 'at risk group.

Dony Foxworth

Star. Star. Star. Star. Star.

Much faster than similar apps I've used. Great design. Clearly laid out.

Mark D.

Star. Star. Star. Star. Star.

It is wonderful to have an app that tells me immediately and accurately my air quality number.

Kathy Mulcahy

Star. Star. Star. Star. Star.

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PM10 Particles in the Air

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