AirCare 2.0 – A Refreshed Experience to Tracking Air Quality

Months of hard work, hours upon hours of user interviews, days spent on the drawing board, what does it all amount to? Well, if you put some of the world’s most dedicated air quality activists together, throw in a software engineer, and you get AirCare 2.0.

Our team is super happy to announce the refreshed approach to tracking air quality, is launching today globally on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store!

Where it all began

AirCare was launched in 2014 in the small country of North Macedonia, one of Europe’s most polluted, by a student named Gorjan Jovanovski.

The app, which then displayed air pollution data from government monitoring stations, triggered citizen protests all across the country once people realized how bad the air quality was. This forced governments to implement greener policies and industries to put pollution filters on their chimneys. 

Air pollution protests – Skopje 2015
Signs read: ‘I want Santa Claus to bring me clean air’, ‘I can’t breathe, can you?’, ‘Skopje became Beijing’

Since then, AirCare’s team has grown to 5 activists making air quality accessible to anyone in the world. Our hard work in raising awareness and empowering people to act has been awarded over 20 times, including by organizations like the UN with the World Summit Award for the most impactful green global startup.

What’s new in AirCare 2.0

After spending days talking to users all around the world, and understanding what everyone would want from an app like AirCare, we’ve made some important changes to the refreshed experience!

? A Dashboard Approach

See more data with fewer clicks. No more tapping 2, or 3 buttons to get to the information you need, everything is now available on the first screen of AirCare in the form of a customizable dashboard!

? Global Coverage

By utilizing the best sensor technologies from the European Space Agency, government sensors, and volunteer stations, AirCare is able to accurately estimate the AQI of any point on earth! From San Fransisco to Dubai, from London to New Delhi, we got you covered!

? Pollen Data

Did you know that 24 million people in the US suffer from allergies? AirCare comes to the rescue! We’ve now added current and 3-day forecast data for grass, weed, and tree pollen, so you can plan your week and keep allergens away!

☀️ UV Index

Summer has come to the northern hemisphere of the world, and the beach is on your mind. Do you want to get a tan, but not a sunburn? Use AirCare’s UV Index predictions to know when to enjoy the sun, and when to seek shade in order to protect your skin!

What’s next

The team is not done, oh no! We are just getting started! Some more amazing features are soon coming to AirCare, so stay tuned and keep up to date with the latest versions to get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

AirCare is free to download on all mobile devices and tablets from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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