AirCare Widgets Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Lately, home screen widgets have become more and more used, by both iOS and Android users alike. These little windows offer information at a glimpse without needing to dive into apps. For the same reason, AirCare has had widgets for our PRO subscribers for years. But, now it’s time for a facelift!

3 New AirCare Widget Features

  • All data on one widget
    You can now see the AQI, UV, and Pollen index for a given location on all widgets. No need to add multiple ones, just to see different types of data!
  • Pick a ground station
    You asked we delivered! You can now select either a location (like a city) or a specific ground station to follow on the AirCare widgets.
  • Location-aware widgets
    Traveling a lot? Why keep adding widgets for your new destinations, when the new AirCare widgets can now track your location and give you the latest data without you needing to change a thing?

Try a Widget Today

Widgets in AirCare are part of our feature offering for PRO users (there are a lot of other cool features for PRO subscribers as well!).

  • If you are a PRO user, grab the latest AirCare version and add a new widget to try to get these features!
  • If you are a free user, grab the free PRO trial in the app and give the widgets a try! If you like them, a PRO subscription costs less than a small coffee cup, but helps our team tremendously!

More features are coming to AirCare, as the team keeps working to tell you what you breathe!

To enjoy the widget features, just update your app or click here to download AirCare through Apple App Store / Google Play Store.

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