AirCare Introduces Its New Social Share Feature

Social platforms have become a key tool for providing space for the public to participate in disallowing or influencing environmental decisions made by corporations and governments that affect us all. According to statistics, a total of 5 billion people use the internet worldwide, which equals 63.5% of our population. Internet users spend 2 and a half hours on social networks. This includes Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and dozens of other platforms.

So how can we leverage this time spent glued to our screens, for activism and fighting for cleaner air? This is what got the AirCare team thinking. We already post pictures of our daily lives, what if we were to include the current air quality on them, as a small sign of protest on every post. That way, we raise awareness of the issue, while still sharing that delicious pasta carbonara!

Snap, post, engage!

The new feature can be found on the share icon in the top right of the AirCare app. Tapping this opens the camera on your phone, allowing you to take a picture while the air quality index of the selected location is displayed at the bottom. Then, just share the picture on your story, Facebook post or Twitter thread!

Not a fan of selfies, but still want to share the pollution levels? The new share option allows you to do just that even without a camera. By tapping the ‘Share’ option, AirCare gives you the main pollution section as an image that you can post anywhere you like.

We believe that social media has the potential to change the way we think about air pollution, and how we approach the issue. By raising awareness about what we breathe, people can change habits, put pressure on policy makers and force the industry to rise up to new standards to protect our environment.

AirCare has already made this impact happen, both in Europe and the US (check out our Story for more on that). One app and its amazing community, making a global impact! So take out your camera and start snapping!

This feature is available in the latest version of AirCare, so just update your app or click here to download AirCare through Apple App Store / Google Play Store.

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