AirCare gets fully redesigned

Welcome to the new AirCare, a totally redesigned experience with simplicity and usability in mind!

A contrast between the old and new AirCare

When I started working on AirCare back in 2014 as a developer, I had a simple understanding of app design, but nothing significant. Since then, I’ve added a lot of options to the app, but the same basic design has remained.

But this week, after three months of hard work, we released AirCare 7.0, with a brand new design that looks more like 2019 and less like 2009, and visuals that clearly represent the current quality of air.

AirCare now even has Breezy, our kid-friendly mascot that aims to educate the younger audience about the importance of clean air.

Breezy is adapted to be fun for kids.

And best of all, we re-coded the app in Google’s new language called Flutter. This allows us to have one codebase and publish Android and iOS apps at the same time, thus having the latest features on both platforms at the same time!

Whats next for AirCare?

We have managed to create a passionate user base in Macedonia, with over 100.000 downloads of the app, and invoke both citizen protest as well as reactions from the government.

But Macedonia is not the only country in the region with the same problem. That’s why AirCare is expanding in the Balkans this year, starting from Serbia into Kosovo, Bosnia, and all others that are affected! Get ready, world, here we come!

Learn more about the air:

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