Air quality can change on the hour. A local fire, a factory malfunction, or just bad weather, can cause the AQI (Air Quality Index) to drop. In today’s world, it’s more than crucial to know exactly what you’re breathing, to protect you and your family. The fires in California taught us the importance of tracking air quality. From today, you can monitor this via your Apple Watch.

The best and most user friendly app to do that out there is AirCare, as proven by the rating on both the App Store and Google Play. Now it just became easier to know exactly what you’re breathing! AirCare, your favourite air quality tracking app, now has a companion app for the Apple Watch, and you can install it right now!

Air Quality App for the Apple Watch

AirCare Watch App Features

  • Access to over 15.000 air quality stations in 45 countries around the world
  • Uses your location to find the closest station
  • After setup, works standalone without an iPhone
  • Provides a complication for quick launching from any watchface

Download AirCare for free today for your Android/iPhone, and follow local air quality in over 45 countries! If you like it, consider supporting the 2-man team behind AirCare, by subscribing to the PRO version, a $1.25 monthly subscription that unlocks loads of cool features (no-ads, dark theme, notifications, widgets, and the Apple Watch companion app). It would mean the world to us, help pay the bills, and allow us to work even more to save the world from pollution!

Price: Free for iOS/Android, PRO for Apple Watch
Download: Android / iOS

AirCare’s mission is to help the world know what it breathes. We use open data from government, volunteer and satellite measuring stations to show you the latest air quality readings, on your wrist and in your hand. Join the air quality revolution, download AirCare today and spread the word to your friends too!