Beta Testers Needed – AirCare 2.0

Are you the type of person who likes to try out new things before they are available to the masses? Do you want to see an improvement in your AirCare experience by (a lot of) percent? Well, today is your lucky day!

✨ A New AirCare Experience

Over the years, we have been listening to the feedback of our users, what they like, and what they don’t like about AirCare. And our team has secretly been working on a brand-new experience for the app.

That secret is out today, for those who want to get their hands messy and test out the Beta Version of AirCare. Once tested, please use this link to give us feedback:

? How To Get The Beta

iPhone / iPad
  • Follow the 2 steps presented here:
  • They include downloading TestFlight, an Apple app that will let you get the Beta version of AirCare.
  • If you want to leave the Beta version, just uninstall the current one, and reinstall it via the App Store.
  1. Find AirCare on the Play Store:
  2. Scroll down to the section about Joining the Beta Program, and click on Join.
  3. Wait a few minutes, close the Play Store and open it, searching again for AirCare.
  4. This time you will get an update to the Beta version that you can download.
  5. If you want to leave the Beta version, leave the Beta Program via the same button mentioned in step 2, uninstall the app, wait a few minutes and then reinstall it.

? What Has Changed

1. A visual upgrade

We have re-imagined what the best viewing experience for our users is, focusing on serving you the most important information, with the least amount of interaction. On the main page, you will now see that we have a dashboard layout, with not just the AQI number, but UV, Pollen, News, Shop, and other content.

2. Data for the whole world

Remember when you had to check 5 sensors in your area to know what the pollution is? Or what if a sensor didn’t work, or didn’t measure a pollutant? What about if there are no sensors in your area at all?

AirCare 2.0 solves this issue: We now calculate the AQI via our intelligent algorithms that take into account stations in a 2km radius of the location, satellite data, weather data, fire data, the type of ground station, and much more.

3. A focus on pollen and UV

Do those pesky allergies bother you? AirCare can now tell you the pollen levels if you are in the US or Europe – tree, grass, weed, and olive are all included!
Going to the beach? Keep your skin healthy and undamaged, by following the UV index for your location live. You can even see the UV forecast to know when during the day you should stay in shade, and when to enjoy the sun safely!

? Give Us Feedback!

The only way we know what we need to change/improve in the new version of AirCare is via your feedback! So please, after you have the time to play with the app, send us your thoughts and ideas via this Google Form:

Learn more about the air:

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